Exploring the Future of Work

During this stage mentees will have an opportunity to hearing from several mentors on a variety of career paths. During this stage they will be asked to identify one – three areas they would like to explore in greater depth.


Focusing on a Career Path

During this stage, the mentees will have an opportunity to focus on up to 3 career path areas. The mentors will provide past, present, and future projections. Current position research, web sites and current information on the sector will be provided.


Experiential Learning / Work

Mentoring Plus Approaches may lead to an Experiential Learning opportunity, such as a work experience, coop education etc. A group of mentors can be assigned to the mentee for support and additional development.


Further Learning Opportunities

Learning a Living is the way of the future as we move into a Knowledge Economy. As a mentee has a defined career path, there will be a need to create a Learning Plan that may or may not include our traditional learning opportunities. Various models will be explored including Credentials, online learning, webinars etc. leading to a certificate.


Towards a Sustainable Livelihood

Throughout all the various stages listed above, there will be overarching topics that will intersect with all approaches including salary ranges, 21st Century Skills such as, communication, learning how to work as a team, market skills etc., and the role technology plays in the world of work.