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The Mentoring Plus Strategy draws upon the skills and knowledge of the retired and near retired (55+) population, to help support individuals (16 – 35+) to explore and connect to career paths that relate to the Future of Work. The Mentoring Plus (the “Program”) connects mentors with individuals or businesses seeking advice from experienced mentors with relevant knowledge and skills. The purpose of this privacy statement is to provide information on what personal information is collected, used, and disclosed when you interact with the Mentoring plus website (“This Website”) and provide information to register for and participate in the Program.

Information gathered with your Program Application

In order to apply to participate in the Program, we require certain information about you to evaluate your eligibility and to administer the Program. This information includes:

  • Contact information such as your name, email address, and phone number;
  • Information about your geographical area (Truro, Kentville, New Glasgow); and
  • Information related to your education and employment history.

Policy Statement

THE MENTORING PLUS STRATEGY (MP) recognizes the sensitivity of personal information (Personal Information) in its custody or control, and the responsibility to maintain confidentiality. MP commits to balance the privacy interests and confidentiality of all MP participants (referred to individually as Mentor or Mentee, as applicable, or Participant) with the provision of quality services.

MP will collect, use, and disclose Personal Information exclusively to support the provision of MP programming and for additional authorized purposes, including providing statistical information to funders, risk management and as otherwise required by law.

No provision in this policy shall be interpreted to limit any rights or obligations of MP in accordance with applicable legislation.

Compliance, Procedure and Collection 

MP will ensure best efforts to protect Participant privacy and maintain confidentiality, including compliance with this Policy and reporting of any privacy breaches to MP administration, which include stolen or lost records or information subject to unauthorized access.

MP will ensure that information respecting collection of Personal Information is available to Participants by posting information on the MP site or social media, and by providing information to Participants on request and explaining its purpose.

MP will collect Personal Information directly from Participants except where collection from a third party is authorized by the subject Participant, and Personal Information of minors may be collected from parents/guardians.

Retention, Safeguards and Administrative Measures

MP will ensure best efforts to protect physical and electronic Personal Information. Safeguards include: physical and electronic records storage in secured areas; access to staff for employment purposes only; and maintenance of electronic files on a secure network with password protection.

Administrative measures include review of this Policy by all MP staff with access to Personal Information; ensuring Participant consent prior to taking or using photographs or videos of Participants for MP programming publicity.

Disposal procedure for Personal Information includes electronic file deletion and shredding of physical files.

Failure to comply with this Policy may result in termination of access to Participant Personal Information.

Information gathered automatically


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The Mentoring Plus Strategy


Retirees are Resources

Retirees are a resource for your business, your organization, and your community. When the knowledge, skills and experience of this population are included, we all benefit!

Everyone has a valuable role to play in our community. 


Future of Work

Now, more than ever, we need to teach adaptability and change management. Career trajectories are rarely straight lines. We need to support individuals as they make career decisions.

Understanding our past prepares us for our future. 


Knowledge Exchange

Sharing life experiences, career information, stories, problem solving, failures and successes can break unhealthy cycles and better prepare individuals for their working lives.

Programs for specific sectors inspire rewarding exchanges. 


Stronger Community

Communities are stronger when we remove the silos of insular thinking. Everyone has something to contribute. Everyone has value.

Working together makes us stronger.

What is it?

What is it?The Mentoring Plus Strategy draws upon the skills and knowledge of the retired and near retired (55+) population, to help support individuals (16 – 35+) to explore and connect to career paths that relate to the Future of Work, by implementing a variety of Team Mentoring Initiatives.

The Strategy also supports business sectors, non-profit groups, training programs, secondary and post-secondary institutions and sector councils, to mention a few, as they develop strategies and programming to meet the specific needs of the clientele, participants, and communities they serve.

Why It's Important

Why its importantThe provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have the largest percentages of seniors per capita in Canada. According to the 2016 census, seniors account for nearly 40% of the population in Pictou, Colchester and Kings County alike.

This growing number of seniors/retirees are increasingly disengaged from their community and looking for opportunities to give back. At the same time, there is a large and growing number of individuals, from high school students to mature learners who are disengaged from the labour market and do not have a sense of the many viable career paths and employment options available to them. This is exacerbated by concerns and confusion around the changing nature of work. 

The Mentoring Plus strategy believes that these different demographics can learn from each other and exchange knowledge in an impactful way.

What It Can Do For You

What It can do for youThe Mentoring Plus Strategy recognizes that people are a resource and provides an opportunity for seniors to become involved in meaningful activities within their community. As mentors, volunteer seniors share their skills and knowledge about their careers and life experiences with individuals of a variety of age groups and backgrounds, helping them to chart their future. This knowledge exchange can break unhealthy cycles and better prepare individuals for their working lives.

Whether you are a retired individual looking for a way to stay active while utilizing your skills and experience, a business owner seeking support, a training institution eager to expand programming, an individual seeking career advice, or any other program, association, sector council, or community group eager to contribute to the social inclusion of seniors and the continued growth of your community as a whole, The Mentoring Plus Strategy wants to hear from you.

How We Got Here

Beginning in 2017, Dalhousie College of Continuing Education (CCE) piloted an initiative called Mentoring Plus through provincial and federal grants. Pilot activities took place in the communities of New Glasgow, Truro and Kentville. During the pilot stage, over 80 seniors (55 years of age and older) participated in information sessions and activities along with high schools, community organizations and others engaged with the initiative. 

In summer 2019, CCE responded to a call for proposals issued by Employment and Social Development Canada’s Department of Seniors: New Horizons for Seniors – Pan Canadian Stream The New Horizons program aims to support innovative projects that create a significant impact in communities, meet the growing social needs of seniors and implement a Collective Impact Plan to increase the social inclusion of seniors. 

In the Spring of 2019, Dal CCE learned it was one of 19 successful applicants. The Mentoring Plus initiative was awarded funding to implement the program at the three community sites: New Glasgow, Truro and Kentville and their surrounding regions.

As the Mentoring Plus Strategy is developed and implemented, Dalhousie College of Continuing Education remains the backbone organization of the project, providing support and guidance. Each Municipality is a collaborating partner, ensuring the strategy is carried out to the full benefit of each community.

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