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The Mentoring Plus Strategy Celebrates One Year Of Progress Despite Pandemic

KENTVILLE/NEW GLASGOW/TRURO – It has been a full year since The Mentoring Plus Strategy launched. Despite the challenges of living and working through a pandemic, the project’s team has continued to forge on and adapt to successfully meet and exchange knowledge with retirees.

“The Minister of Seniors for the federal government visited Nova Scotia in February 2020 and announced the project funding. Work started with the collaborating organizations (New Glasgow, Truro, and Kentville),” said Geralyn MacDonald, The Mentoring Plus Strategy Assistant Director (and Coordinator for New Glasgow/Pictou County). “When the pandemic hit in March, we knew we had to shift our thinking and also develop a virtual model. We see this as a silver lining as now there are two models for anyone who wants to get involved. Meeting virtually gave us that opportunity to meet retirees in the comfort of their homes and explain the benefits of sharing their knowledge and life experiences. As Covid-19 restrictions lifted, we were able to follow pandemic protocols and bring retired people together and begin the group mentoring sessions.”

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